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If You Pulled Out the Champagne, It Is Time To Put the Cork Back In.

JINSA Report #: 

April 30, 1996

Almost very banner headline in the country declares that the PLO revoked the amendment to its charter calling for the destruction of Israel. Editorials throughout the country have praised Arafat for being able to coalesce the disparate group which met in Gaza. But don't bring out the champagne because despite what you have been reading, it isn't true.

What really happened? The Palestinian National Council voted 504 to 54 for a two part resolution. The first part agrees to eliminate any contradictions that might exist in the letters exchanged between Israel and the PLO, two-and-a-half years ago, in 1993 and the Palestinians National Covenant. The second part, however, refers the process to committee which is required to present its case when the Council next convenes. When the council will next convene, no one knows, but certainly not earlier than six months from now and probably after the U.S. and Israeli elections. What the committee will recommend is also questionable. What the full body of the Palestinian National Council will accept is another question.

While the first part of the resolution is a step forward in principle, the second part negates it in practicality. Why? Because today, the Palestinian National Covenant reads no differently than it read yesterday or two-and-a-half years ago or ten years ago. As of this moment, the Covenant still calls for the eliminations of the state of Israel.

It is a mystery why a media that is so careful to scrutinize, investigate and verify everything is so willing to herald the press release without examining the substance behind it.

If you pulled out the champagne, it is time to put the cork back in.

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