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JINSA Programs

The Generals and Admirals Trip to Israel

The annual Generals and Admirals Trip to Israel, in which recently retired American generals and admirals are invited to visit Israel with JINSA to meet the top echelon of the Israeli military and political leadership, ensures that the American delegation is well briefed on the security concerns of Israel, as well as the key role Israel plays as a friend and ally of the U.S.

IDF Leadership Education Program (ILEP)

IDF Leadership Education Program (ILEP) was established in 2016 to educate current and future leaders of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) on a range of issues that influence American worldviews and the U.S. foreign policymaking process, including U.S. history, political institutions, economic trends, American Jewry and attitudes toward the Middle East.

Homeland Security Program

The Homeland Security Program, formerly known as the Law Enforcement Exchange Program (LEEP), was created in cooperation with the Israel National Police, the Israel Ministry of Internal Security, and the Israel Security Agency (Shin Bet) to support and strengthen American law enforcement counter terrorism practices. The program takes delegations of senior law enforcement executives to Israel to study methods and observe techniques used in preventing and reacting to acts of terrorism and sponsors conferences within the United States, bringing Israeli experts before much larger groups of law enforcement leaders.

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