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Gemunder Center Iran Task Force Co-chair Ambassador Eric Edelman Testifies Before Senate Armed Services Committee

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Chairman Inhofe, Ranking Member Reed, and members of the Committee, we are pleased to appear before you today to address the report of the National Defense Strategy Commission.

Americans assume U.S. military superiority, but today the United States faces a growing crisis of national defense. The strategic landscape is more ominous and dynamic as violent jihadist groups, aggressive regional challengers, and ambitious authoritarian regimes challenge U.S. interests. America's traditional military advantages are eroding rapidly because of our rivals' strategies and increasing capability and our complacency. The United States must restore the hard-power strengths that buttress its foreign policy and the global environment. Doing so requires far greater coherency and urgency and a higher and more expeditious commitment of resources than the country has mustered to date.

These are the conclusions of the Commission on the National Defense Strategy for the United States, a non-partisan, congressionally chartered body we co-chaired. Our commission consulted with civilian and military leaders in the Department of Defense, representatives of other U.S. government departments and agencies, allied diplomats and military officials, and independent experts. Our report makes clear the nation is losing its ability to defend its vital interests and preserve a global environment in which America and like-minded nations can thrive.

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