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JINSA National Leadership Visits U.S./Mexico Border at McAllen, Texas

The delegation was hosted by the U.S. Border Patrol and supported by Chief Carla Provost, a JINSA 2018 Homeland Security Program participant. JINSA Director of Homeland Security Program, Steve Pomerantz, led the delegation.

Report - Israel's Next Northern War: Operational and Legal Challenges

This new report from the JINSA Gemunder Center Hybrid Warfare Task Force examines in-depth the increasingly prevalent face of hybrid warfare, where law-abiding militaries like the IDF confront non-state actors like Hezbollah that blend unrestricted warfare tactics and sophisticated information operations with the advanced weaponry of modern conventional forces.

WATCH: Fall 2018 National Leadership Conference

On Thursday, October 11 JINSA leadership spent a full day learning about the critical national security issues that affect the U.S. and our allies. Watch the panels in full including an address from Amb. Ron Dermer, Israeli Ambassador to the United States.

Media Coverage of JINSA's 36th Annual Awards Dinner

On October 10, 2018 at The Grand Hyatt in Washington, DC JINSA honored Secretary of State Mike Pompeo with the Henry M. "Scoop" Jackson Distinguished Service Award. Secretary Pomepeo then took questions from JINSA President and CEO Dr. Michael Makovsky. Watch the video and read coverage of JINSA's event in the New York Times, Jerusalem Post, NBC News, and many more.

New Iran Task Force Report

JINSA's Gemunder Center Iran Task Force co-chaired by Ambassador Eric Edelman and General Charles Wald, USAF (ret.) is out with its latest report on a comprehensive U.S. strategy toward Iran after the JCPOA.

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Gemunder Center Iran Task Force co-chair Ambassador Eric Edelman testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee on November 27, 2018 to present the findings and recommendations of the Commission on the National Defense Strategy.

Brigadier General Ram Yavne of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has joined JINSA's Gemunder Center for Defense and Strategy as the inaugural Visiting IDF Military Fellow. General Yavne has served in the IDF for 32 years. He served as the Head of the Strategic Division in the Planning Directorate of the IDF General Staff (J5) from 2015-2018. In this role, he was responsible for the IDF's strategic planning and policy formulation, military diplomacy and international cooperation.

Chaired by Admiral James Stavridis, USN (ret.), JINSA's Gemunder Center U.S.-Israel Security Task Force issues a new report on strengthening U.S.-Israel strategic cooperation.

On May 8, Gemunder Center Senior Advisor and member of the Iran Task Force The Honorable Stephen Rademaker, testified before the House Foreign Affairs Committee on confronting the Iranian challenge.

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